Hey guys,

Happy New Year!   We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday break – how lucky are we here in New Zealand and Australia to be able to have spent time with family and friends over this period. We truly feel for anyone that has had to be a part from loved one’s at this time, and can only hope that there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel this year. 

Well like anything in life, change is always a part of the journey.   Things have changed so much for us since we started the blog over 5 years ago now- we’ve learnt and grown a lot!  One of the biggest changes over this period would be the addition of Baby Finn (or not so baby anymore) to our squad.

As you would have seen from our Instagram post, there is another change coming in 2021 and like always we wanted you guys to know about it over here on the blog.

If you’re a keen follower, you would have seen that one of us has been a bit absent from the gram over the last few months.  It’s not that I (Emma) have wanted to be absent, but life has taken me in a new direction recently.

The reason for this absence?  Well after three scans, a NIPTS test and a sh*t ton of worry and tears, I feel like I’m in a good place to start letting people know that I am pregnant with my little rainbow baby. 

I’m officially just over 17 weeks at the moment, so well and truly into the 2nd trimester.  In my mind it still feels like I’m very early on, so I keep reminding myself to take it week by week.  But really I probably need to start getting my head around the fact that this is happening and that there’s no hiding my stomach anymore!

I have been pretty lucky with the first trimester symptoms.   I really didn’t have any major sickness, just a little bit of a yucky tummy in the first few weeks but for me my main issue has been the tiredness,  OH – MY – GOD so tired!  After about 14 weeks I have felt my energy levels starting to rise again (not dramatically though), but am just reminding myself not to over do it. 

This hasn’t been an easy ride for me and I am all to aware that this blog and any future posts online my be a trigger to others,  so I do just want to take a moment to acknowledge anyone that’s reading this that is trying for a baby or has lost a pregnancy.   I know the feeling of having to read someone else’s good news, and wanting to feel so happy for them, but at the same time feeling like you’ve been punched in the stomach.
Please know that I see you and send you so much love.   Our inbox is always open and I’m always happy to talk.

I’m so excited for this next chapter of my life, but am also absolutely terrified at the same time!  I’m trying to not to overthink things and just “go with the flow” because at the end of the day you can’t really control anything on this little roller coaster. 

Will our blog/socials become overloaded with baby things from here in? No!  Will you see a few more mum friendly things pop up, probably!    We will be using out platform as always for our lives and what we love, and that now includes two little humans.  (Finn and baby peanut – I’m not having twins haha)

Anyway I think that’s all from me,  but now you can all watch on as my stomach grows bigger and my wallet gets thinner.

Love always,