It’s no secret that both of us are obsessed with Makeup Revolution, not only are their products absolutely amazing, they are so affordable!! I (Jane) got sent a fantastic parcel the other week, I was spoilt really. I received multiple eye shadow palettes, foundations, concealers, eyebrow pencil and mascara, which made me think that to prove to you all just how amazing their products are I would do my whole face with just Makeup Revolution products and give you all a bit of a review.

So in all honesty, the final product on Insta and the photo of me in this blog post, there are three items which are not Makeup Revolution – Mascara, liquid eyeliner and brow pencil. To be fair, I did use the Makeup Revolution brow pencil here but I used my normal pencil to outline and define my edges as I don’t have eyebrows so really need to draw them on. As for the mascara, I did test Makeup Revolutions so I can actually give you my honest opinion but it was waterproof and I am not a fan of waterproof mascaras so didn’t want to use it again. So lets begin.. also be kind on the eye makeup… Em is the makeup goddess, I literally just chuck it on and really hope for the best. HA!

Pour Blur Primer
This product is a must have, it left my skin feeling so soft and made applying all makeup, but especially the eye shadow an absolute dream!Conceal and Define Concealer
Wow, talk about being able to pack a punch at such a small cost! $8 to be exact, I love this concealer. I have been exceptionally sleep deprived lately, ya gal is talking about 5 hours interrupted sleep each night for the past two months soooo as you can imagine the dark circles and bags under my eyes are my new accessory and this baby managed to hide my tired face so bloody well!

Conceal and Define Foundation
Couldn’t love a bargain foundation any more than this one, it feels sooo good. I find cheap makeup can feel really thick and smell really chemically but this one doesn’t! Not at all! I feel like I’m not wearing any make-up and I definitely can’t smell it on my face. It has superb coverage and you can easily build it up if you want more coverage. This paired with the Conceal and Define Concealer are a match made in makeup heaven. Again, $18 I mean WOW!
Duo Brow Definer
As I mentioned I didn’t use this product on its own but if you did already have pretty great brows and just needed a touch up to fill in gaps this is for you! I outlined my brows and then used this product to fill in and I do love it, great colour and stays on really well! 

The Waterproof Revolution Mascara
Straight off the bat I absolutely can’t stand waterproof mascaras so I wasn’t prepared to like this one, however, if you are a fan of waterproof mascaras then this won’t disappoint. When I did test it out it did lengthen and plump my lashes without being clumpy the only downside was the waterproof mascara feel that I hate and how long it bloody took to take off (no makeup remover in the house so had to use cleanser a million times)

Eye shadow Palettes
As I mentioned I was blessed to be sent probably about five different palettes, this was also because the courier ruined two of them so I was very lucky to be sent a few more. I have tested out three of them and I am in LOVE. I’m going to throw it out there and say these are the BEST budget eye shadows on the market… yes very bold statement but I don’t think Em will disagree with me. Here are the ones I tried and why I love them. 
Carmi “Kiss of Fire” Palette
This is such a goodie because not only does it have gorgeous colours it also comes with two highlighters. I’m such a huge fan of multiple make-ups in one palette! This Palette has a mix of bold and subdued colours. I had some fun playing with the bolds and my god they are pigmented, you don’t have to use much to make an impact. The same goes with the highlighters, they are stunning. I made the mistake of putting a lot of the silvery/white highlighter on my brush and had to spend some time wiping it off with my fingers…. rookie mistake.

Reloaded Palette Iconic Division 
Another great Palette if you are looking for more of a darker eye with a hint of shimmer, people these are $8!!! I just can’t believe the quality compared to price. Again the colours are very pigmented and they all go really well together.

Maxi Reloaded Palettes
I was so lucky and got two of these babies, SO MANY COLOURS!!!! The blues and greens are probably my favourites but again they come with these gorgeous metallic colours too, great for mixing and matching to make some standout looks!!

As you can see I really can’t rate Makeup Revolution highly enough, their products are top quality. As I’ve mentioned before I have quite sensitive skin so if I do use cheaper products I tend to break out or my skin gets so irritated but this has never happened with this brand. I have probably used their products for a solid two years now so I’m genuinely in love and not just talking them up because I got free products. 
You can get Makeup Revolution from Priceline in Australia and Farmers in New Zealand. trust me when I say you need to get in store and try them out if you haven’t already! You will not be disappointed!!!

Jane xx