Hey Guys,

Today on the blog we’re talking about one of our favourite subjects…..shoes!

You know how much we love our shoes, honestly, I don’t think we could tell you how many pairs we have accumulated over the years- it’s an obsession.   However, as we’ve got older, and maybe a little bit wiser, we’ve become savvier with our spending- opting for quality over quantity.

But what about that pair of shoes that you love, you know the ones!  They’re currently tucked away in the back of your wardrobe, desperate to see the light of day, but in need of some desperate TLC.  They’re the ones that you absolutely adore and have seen you through many days and nights, but you just can’t bear to part with.    A lot of the time the fix is so easy with a simple heel or sole replacement.

This is where Merchant 1948 is coming to our shoe rescue, as well as helping us be more sustainable fashionwise.   Dubbed the Merchant Workshop, Merchant 1948 is opening an amazing new concept at their flagship shop in Newmarket, where you’ll be able to save your old shoes from going to waste.  

Will your beloved shoes be in safe hands?  You betcha they will!  Their onsite cobbler, Steve Monks, has been working at the popular repair store Shoe Sherrif for over a decade, so comes to the new store with a wealth of experience and some great additions to their menu like shoe shining and even monogramming in silver or gold foil on selected styles.   Steve understands that every shoe is unique, so he draws on his many years of experience to tailor each repair.

Now, I bet you’re thinking that they’ll only take on shoes from their own store or sister companies? Wrong!  You can take any of your shoes in for some TLC.

Prices for basic repairs will start from $20 through to $55 for a full resole and heel fix.   If you’ve bought something from Merchant 1948, Mi Piaci or Deuce stores they also offer a 15% discount to loyalty members who take up the service. 

We love hearing about what companies are doing to become more environmentally friendly, and when it comes to Merchant 1948 and their sister companies Mi Piaci and Deuce they certainly are leading the way in their field!
Setting up a sustainability committee, they want to make sure they have full oversight over a lot of its manufacturing and they’re fully committed to innovating and improving throughout this process.   What will they be tackling next?  Packaging!   We cannot wait to see what they come out with to help with this issue.

Another great initiative they’re trialing is a take-back scheme in their 277 stores, where you can take your unwanted shoes to be passed forward to those in need, how cool is that!!!

Now, unfortunately, at the moment you can only find the Merchant Workshop in Auckland, but here’s hoping it’s a great success and the team decide to bring it on board in other areas of the country as well.

So grab those shoes out of the back of the wardrobe and get on down to see Steve and the team today!


E & J

Photo Credit: Undertow Media