As you would have noticed over the past 12 months, Sneakers have become a huge fashion trend and will continue to do so throughout 2019.

Last year we saw the rise of the Chunky Dad Sneaker, to be fair chunky sneakers are still very on trend and we love them but we are now seeing the emergence of military/hiking style boots and nostalgia still seems to be a huge hit within the fashion industry so we are also seeing the return of classics like the Nike Air Force 1 and the popular 70’s converse sneakers.With well known, luxury fashion houses producing sneakers – think Balenciaga and the crazy “Dirty” look Gucci sneakers (still so confused about those babies) you can see that this trend will be around for awhile which we are quite happy about.Again, the 90’s have had a real influence on this years trends. Sneakers worn with dresses and sneakers with jeans were a huge fashion statement back in the day and we have now come full circle. These looks now grace the pages of Vogue and are plastered all over Instagram by some of the biggest and most successful fashion bloggers.To us, this trend is very easy to master, with bargain stores like Rubi Shoes and great Australian brands like Alias Mae jumping on board with an awesome selection, it’s easy to get your hands on a comfy, stylish pair of shoes and match them with just about any outfit.For all your preggo’s out there like me (Jane), this trend is a godsend!! You can still feel hip and cool yet keep those feet comfy with your ever growing bump. Thank you fashion gods as we can now keep our puffy ankles comfortable or potentially stop them altogether since you aren’t trying to squeeze your feet into heels or flats that provide no support whatsoever.Sneakers are definitely something that you probably already have in your wardrobe, if Gucci is anything to go by, even if they are a bit dirty get them out and pair them with one of your favourite outfits and see how you go!

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Vogue France, @blaireadiebee, Gucci, Balenciaga and Alias Mae