Hello Lovelies!!

So we have some big news, now by we, I really mean one of us but really when it comes to us everything that happens to one of us, happens to the other.

We’re having a baby!! Well I am…. Jane, we aren’t both pregnant even though that would be amazing… or maybe not, maybe too many hormones?!
I wanted to announce this news in a blog because even after only telling family and close friends, a few questions came up about the blog and what’s next now that this life changing event is happening. 
Like my lovely, wonderful partner Ben likes to say “I don’t think anyone will care Jane” I still wanted to answer a few questions I’ve already been asked and write a bit about my experience. Maybe no one will read and that’s fine, I actually really enjoy writing anyways.

So I am officially over 17 weeks, its true when you fall pregnant everything turns into weeks not months but I will try not to be one of those people who continues to say their kids are 24 months…. your child is two…. TWO! To be fair everything has been quite easy for me so far. I did have morning sickness but in the evenings so it made hiding my pregnancy from the world a lot easier, thank goodness I wasn’t rushing to the bathroom every 2 minutes. I was actually never physically sick, just very nauseous. The tiredness OMG people I have never felt tiredness like this before, its unlike anything and nothing helps, thank god I have hit my second trimester and I feel like a ball of energy now. Its true what they say, first trimester is bad, second is great (so far) and third gets worse again (fun things to look forward to I guess).

I personally feel like I am huge however I only barely have a bump and dressing is still relatively easy, jeans still fit but things are feeling quite snug. I am sure I will complain a lot more as the months progress.

Some people might actually be quite shocked but only because I was always the girl who said I would never have kids. I once famously told my friends and my mum that I wanted to get my tubes tied when I was only 18 years old. I don’t think I was ever actually serious but the thought of stinky, drooling, screaming children didn’t strike up any maternal instinct in me at all. Now don’t get me wrong I haven’t turned into the girl who see’s a baby and runs to pick it up for cuddles, I still steer clear of babies but I’m told you are different with your own and I’m actually really excited to start this new chapter in my life.

I have already been given some amazing advice from some wonderful people, top tip, only take the advice that you want and I am sticking by this. I feel like as soon as you become pregnant its like an opening for people to tell you how to be pregnant, how to raise a kid, and how to just generally live your life. Those who know me, know I don’t stand for that kind of crap and quite honestly I will do what I like thanks. Yes I’m still wearing heels and no I don’t want to hear why its bad, Yes I still eat soft cheese (cooked, I’m not actively trying to make myself of my baby sick) and again no, I don’t want to hear why I shouldn’t. Also if you are currently dating back and checking through our photos and you see alcoholic drinks, let me tell you, Ben and Emma have both have very boozy nights consuming my drinks after I have taken a photo.

Funny story actually, Em was over here not too long ago. Literally I made her come here (its not actually that hard to twist her arm) because we had an event and they asked for dietary requirements and I freaked out!  It was Vietnamese cuisine so I assumed a bit of raw food would be served and it was too early to say “I’m pregnant” so Em kindly flew over to accompany me and eat all my food and drink all the cocktails that I couldn’t have hahaha. The FUNNIEST part was trying to hide it, so picture this, its share plates and we are sitting with other people. We all put bits onto our plate and I whispered to Em “I can’t eat this, I’m going to the bathroom so switch plates low key and eat mine” so I get back to the table and Em looks so embarrassed, she’s staring daggers at me and said “I hate you, as soon as I tried to be sneaky, everyone looked at me and caught me stealing your food, so now I look like this super hungry person who steals her best friends food when she’s in the bathroom!!!!!” I think I’m going to owe her big time for a few things to be honest. LOVE YOU EM!!!!

So now onto a bit of a Q and A section:

Do you know what you’re having yet?
YES! We are having a baby boy! No names yet and I won’t share that until he arrives in September.

Will you two stop blogging together now?  
NO WAY, some of you my say “yeah right”, however nothing is going to change other than my size and then eventually there will be a tiny person tagging along on our blog adventures.

Will your blog/Insta now be baby focused?
No, firstly Ben has already decided (and I support his decision) to limit photos of baby online. Also, our blog/Insta will remain as it is, focused predominantly on Fashion and Beauty. You will get posts like “how to Style your bump” as I can’t shy away from things like that for long and lets be honest its going to be part of my life for awhile. But no, we aren’t going to be promoting nappies or baby toys etc. You may get the odd post from me, updates or what not but again this isn’t a baby blog/Insta.

Is Emma pregnant and you guys just can’t tell us yet?
No, and personally I find it really rude to ask anyone when they are starting a family or why they don’t have kids yet. Everyone does it at different stages in life and Em will do it when/if she wants to. End of story.

Are you still going to Japan?
Yes!! I will be about 6 months pregnant but we are totally still going. People may roll their eyes but like I say to people who tell me to rest and relax, “I am pregnant my legs haven’t broken”. I know flying will be more uncomfortable than usual but that’s just something I will have to deal with.

Are you and Ben getting married ASAP?
No, 13 years and now a baby on the way… We are quite happy and comfortable where we are thank you.

I think I will leave it there for now, not too much more to update you all on. I am still me and always will be, I suppose that’s the only thing that scares me at the moment is that I loose who I am as a person when this tiny human arrives but I think you either let that happen or you don’t. I’m super excited to be a mum but I am still going to be me, Jane, and I don’t think that makes me a selfish or a potentially bad parent. If anything I feel it will make me an even better mum I will however add that hormones are so awesome (NOT!!!!!), I wrote most of this about three weeks ago and OMG sometimes I sound like such an a-hole I still stand by what I said but I’m actually a nice person I swear here’s hoping these preggo hormones tone themselves down a tad. Now let’s just hope this newborn sleeps through the night come September… we can all laugh at this now.

Love always