Hey guys,

So now that temperatures are starting to fluctuate outside and inside (I think we all know how temperamental air conditioning units can be around this time of year) and a change in season is coming, this means it’s time to start taking care of our skin a little more.    Although cute wee rosy cheeks and noses are adorable, the winter weather will soon turn most peoples skin into a bit of a mess. 

Every winter I suffer from dry flaky skin, and if I’m completely honest I probably haven’t taken the best care when it comes to upping my skincare game.   So this year I’m making sure that I have everything in place to have gorgeous glowing skin all through this chilly period.

Need some help on where to start?  I was lucky enough to chat to Mel from Body & Soul Beauty Clinic in Johnsonville to create top 5 tips for getting your skin through winter.

  1. Exfoliate-   You may think that exfoliating your skin when it’s already dry and sensitive is a bad idea, but it’s actually the complete opposite!    To get rid of any dead cells that are building up on the surface of the skin,  Mel suggests that you exfoliate 1-2 times per week in the winter. 
  2. Hydration- Because our skin is soaking up all the hydration it possibly can during this period, it’s so important to give your skin some extra hydration.  Depending on your skin type, this might be something as simple as switching your moisturiser to something slightly heavier, or finding an amazing hydrating serum to go underneath your current moisturiser.   You can also get hydrating masks to use once or twice a week if needed. 
  3. Professional Services-  Although sometimes we like to think that we can take care of these things at home ourselves,  it’s also worth while getting a professional service at least once a month.  By seeing a professional regularly throughout this period, you can get advice on your current skincare routine and if it’s working for you, or if you just need some extra advice.    Plus depending on what treatment you have it can certainly give your skin an extra boost.
    Mel’s suggestions would be getting a skin peel, microdermabrasion or even a customised facial.
  4. Supplements-  Sometimes we just need a little bit of an extra boost, so it’s a great to add some supplements to your daily routine as well.  Omega-3 fatty acid,   Vitamin A and Collagen and just a few as an example.  
  5. Head to Toe-  While we’re mainly concentrating on the face, we need to make sure that we remember to look after the rest of our body as well.  Because we end up being covered from head to toe in warm winter gear, sometime we forget about popping on that moisturiser in the morning.   If you’re going in for a facial, why not look at getting a body scrub or wrap as well. 

If you have any questions or queries in regards to any products or services you should be looking at this winter, I cannot recommend enough the fabulous team at Body and Soul Beauty Clinic.  If you’re in the Wellington area make sure you get in touch with them today!  Body and Soul Beauty Clinic 04 478 1119

Stay warm out there!