We’ve done something super dramatic and we felt the need to tell you guys.

We are currently going through a trial separation with Coffee *insert gasp here* we know, this is a very drastic move but after thinking about it a lot we thought, why not? Both of us were getting pretty extreme, around 4-6 cups of coffee a day, and realized we needed to stop. We even noticed our health was deteriorating, now that sounds extreme but it really was we were bloated, feeling unwell and just generally thought this is too much.
Now we could have cut down, we know this, but we like to be difficult and really challenge ourselves and OMG has it been a challenge. Here’s what has happened….
The first few days were hell! We were like the walking dead, you should have seen some of the weird and wonderful text messages to each other, missing words, not making sense at all, our brains were really all over the show at this point we were thinking honestly how can we function on no caffeine?????!!! We were half asleep at our desks, yawning constantly and just feeling blah. By day 3 we were ready to cave in BUT we didn’t.

Slowly it became easier, we switched our coffees out for Green tea or Peppermint tea just because we were missing having a hot drink. To be fair both of us love tea so that wasn’t hard at all.We noticed after a week or so that our tummies weren’t as bloated, now we aren’t doctors so it could be because our milk intake was less or it could have been the caffeine, lets get this straight right now, we aren’t all of a sudden anti-coffee, I’m not sure about Emz but after the first few weeks I had one but that’s it. It tasted great but I didn’t feel like I really needed it anymore.

Strangely enough we feel more awake in the mornings now, no we haven’t turned into crazy energetic morning people, we still yawn, we still get grumpy but we actually just feel more awake which is amazing!!!

We have also saved a lot of money surprise surprise, this was actually another reason for stopping, we are both saving for Japan in June and whilst you think of $3.80 wont make a difference, when your habit turns into around $11 a day, that’s $57 a week, $228 a month… we could go on but you get the picture, a few coffees a day adds up so fast!So in summary, we really don’t regret our decision, neither of us have caved in and we’ve now gone past the point of treating it like a challenge we just don’t drink coffee but again its not a strict regiment either. If we’re at a café and want a great coffee we will get one. Its all about moderation people!

Have you given up anything this year and are really happy you did it?