Its time for a new segment, lets chat trends.

As you know trends come and go, hence why they are called trends. Now we wouldn’t say we jump on every one that comes along I mean Emma still wont wear anything velvet and I myself am still unsure if I want to step back into my “Spice up your life” platform shoes, however, for your potential amusement we have decided to include a segment on our blog where we trial a trend every so often. Hey we may even find out we love something that we were once so against.

So to kick it off I decided to put the bike pant trend to the test .You would have seen by now that the likes of Kim K, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber etc have rocked this trend, we’ve seen it pop up on social media and more recently it has graced the runway at NYFW. So I thought it was time to see what the fuss is all about.

I get it, I really do! Its almost like wearing publicly acceptable spanx. If you get the right ones they hold everything in nicely, are so comfy and I feel like I’m being active just looking at myself in the mirror. They are actually so versatile, you can pair them with heels and a blazer, t-shirt and sandals, sneakers and a button down shirt. Literally anything goes in my opinion. Its almost like the fancier way of wearing your gym gear out and about. Whilst everyone still wears their gym leggings out for brunch even if they never step foot in a gym, I personally don’t see how you can make gym leggings acceptable pants. Bike pants on the other hand somehow push the limits and have become acceptable to even wear to work and out for dinner. I mean you would never catch me wearing my blazer with my gym leggings its just weird but somehow with bike pants it just works!!!

To be fair that’s just my opinion and trust me I was dubious because even though I am guilty, I don’t like how everyone wears gym leggings everywhere. Some are acceptable but when they become slightly see-through or are skin/tan coloured or even too tight for that matter, they need to be burnt…. like I’m sorry but I don’t need to see your perfect peach butt no matter how good it looks, while I’m doing my Sunday groceries.

In my opinion, and I am sure Emma has another (No we don’t always agree), Bike Pants get a tick from me! We would love to hear your thoughts though!