A few months ago I was introduced to a new skincare brand – Medik8. I had never heard of them so I did some research (which we always do before trying new skincare brands) and could only find raving reviews so thought why not give it a go, and I am so glad that I did! I’ve always suffered from the odd breakout, not to blow my own horn but I’ve been blessed with pretty good skin, never had acne, my only issue being vanity every time a pimple or two reared their ugly heads. Since using Medik8 products I have visibly noticed my fine lines (yes god damnit I have a few) reducing and my breakouts are gone, unless I eat too much junk food or have a few too many boozy nights my skin has stayed clear. Now there a thousands of skincare brands out there but I think what I love the most about Medik8 is that they are quiet achievers, they don’t have an ad on TV every two minutes, you don’t even see them on Instagram a lot but what I can tell you is that you are going to want to try this brand for yourself! Now, this isn’t a paid post, to be honest, the brand doesn’t even know I’m posting this, I am just so impressed by these products that I had to share them with you.

Below are a few favourites that I’ve tried and are now part of my skincare routine for good. Click on the links to shop.


Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil

Now some of you may freak when you hear oil cleansers especially if you have oily or combination skin but did you know that oil cleansers are THE BEST for breaking down stubborn makeup and it’s a myth that they make your skin more oily. This also smells like you’re at a day spa so relaxes me every time I use it.

Liquid Peptides

Before I tell you how valuable this product is, let’s unleash nerd Jane. So peptides, you’re probably thinking, sorry what am I putting on my skin, is this just a fancy word to trick me into thinking it’s doing amazing science crap to my skin. The answer is no. It really is doing amazing science crap to ya skin! To put it simply, peptides are chains of amino acids. When peptides form a long chain of amino acids they become a protein, when they form short chains they are able to penetrate the top level of your skin cells and essentially signal our cells to tell them how to function. So peptides assist with anti-aging and boosts collagen and elastin production which we need in order to keep our plump, youthful looking skin.

Retinol Intense

This has to be one of my favourite products, essentially this is Vitamin A just an intense version and is well known for reversing sun damage and fighting the aging process. Such a tiny bottle yet packs a mighty punch. Definitely something to add to your skincare routine!

Advanced Night Eye

As we all get older it’s more and more important to find an excellent eye cream. The skin under your eyes is the first to start showing the signs of aging due to the very thin layer of skin that surrounds our eyes. This advanced night cream I’ve been using for just over a month now and can actually see the subtle difference and it leaves the skin around my eyes feeling so soft.

Night Ritual Vitamin A Cream

It’s great if you have a day moisturiser that you swear by but you aren’t doing yourself any favours if you don’t use a night cream. By the time you get home your skin has used up all its natural oils and it needs to be replenished. Day creams just don’t do this for your skin at night so night creams are a must, they call it beauty sleep for a reason.