Hey guys,

Well it’s officially the end of November, which means that ATOTC’s is turning another year older, Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

This last year has been our hardest yet.  When we first started out, we really felt like we were looking at the blogging/social media world with rose coloured glasses.  Looking back at our first birthday blog, everything was so great, people were lovely and so friendly, and we’d get excited about working with a brand for nothing and have them work us to the bone.  I guess that was 2015, a time when things weren’t so oversaturated with people willing to sell their souls for nothing.

Three years on and we’ve seen the good and bad come out in people, we’re still watching people cheat the system EVERY SINGLE DAY, and we’ve taken a stand about who we will and won’t work for. We’ve become stronger and more empowered, which we love.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve had some amazing opportunities comes through this year, and we’ve once again met some absolutely beautiful souls through social media and events that we’ve attended. For those people, we are so thankful.

As you would have noticed, our blog was silent for quite a while. We decided earlier in the year, that it was time for a bit of a revamp of our website, which ended up taking us way longer than expected to get up and running.   But now that it’s done, we love it and hope that you guys do as well.

Travel wise, this year we still got to spend a bit of time together in Melbourne, but as always it’s never enough.  A highlight was definitely going to the St Jerome’s Laneways Festival with Kiehl’s in March!  But to top our year off, for the first time EVER we are spending New Years together- stay tuned for more crazy moments on the Gram.  Jane went off on an adventure cruising on the Ovation of the Seas around the islands and I  (Emma) went and explored Thailand. 

However, the most exciting thing that we’ve done this year has been booking a holiday together to Japan in June 19!  We are SO excited about this, and you guys know that we will be spamming you with content next year. 

There are so many people to thank that have supported and encouraged us over the years, however, the two people that deserve the biggest thanks are our partners.  Our boy’s do so much behind the scenes for us, whether it’s taking photos in the street with everyone watching, or Emma’s husband holding the fort at home while she’s in Melbourne, or most recently Jane’s partner having to dress up in a black blanket to hide the light for that perfect shot. We love you guys so much and appreciate everything you do for us. 

Lastly, let’s raise a glass to you guys!  Without you, none of this would be possible and we are so thankful for the support that each and every one of you gives us in different ways.

Because we haven’t seen each other since August (legit don’t get us started on that) unfortunately, we didn’t get to do a fun birthday photo shoot as we’ve done in previous years.  So to make up for this, we decided to go back into the archives and find some of our old photos to compare them to our style of shooting now.  Plus as always we’ve added some funny’s in there for you as well.

Here’s to another successful year ahead.
Emma & Jane