Hey guys,

A quick PSA for you all, just in case you’ve been living in a bubble, it is DECEMBER this Saturday!!!! Cue instant panic.

Never fear, being the shopping addicts that we are we have got you sorted and we’re starting with the amazing Christmas goodies that T2 have launched.

We were both lucky enough to be invited along to their Christmas launch, and seriously we were blown away.  The packaging and detail that has gone into this collection is just incredible. 

T2 have launched a range of new flavours, a favourite of ours has to be “A Trifle Delicious” it’s literally Christmas in a cup! Each new flavour comes in a box which actually turns out to be a book with an amazing and creative story for you to read inside.  We were told that their creative team personally came up with each of these stories, you really do need to read them all. 

There are Christmas decorations which are filled with tea, Christmas sets that come with mugs, teapots and of course tea. We have always been in love with their tea sets, cleverly crafted so that the teapot sits inside the teacup, their eye-catching, beautifully detailed designs never fail to be a WOW gift for the festive season.

T2 are well known for their stunning store interiors which if you notice is actually due to their beautiful items, no fancy added interior décor just simply putting their gorgeous products on display. This year (and forgive us if this isn’t new) we notice they also have scented candles… we are SO excited.

So when you’re out doing your Christmas shopping, and lets be frank you should be doing this now if you want to get ahead of the pack, definitely pop into T2, their lovely staff would be more than happy to help you choose gifts for your loved ones if you are still unsure what to get.

Below we’ve got our top 5 favourite products in the collections, and also some snaps from the event!

E & J

1.  Mini Tree- Mulled Wine Magic
Mulled wine that hangs on your tree? Amazing!   They have the flavours Mulled Wine Magic,  Choc Molten Marvel and Totally Appletini.      

2.   The Spellbound Cider Loose Leaf Feature Book
These books are gorgeous! They come in the flavours The Spellbound Cider, A Trifle Delicious and Lady Esmerelda’s Ultimate Dream Dictionary.     

3.   Once Upon a Lullaby Candle
Scented candles, well what more can we say?  We LOVE scented candles, and these have definitely gone on our wishlist.           

4.  Next Stop, Candyland
Just stop and take a moment to appreciate the packaging on this beauty!  The perfect pair to add to a Christmas stocking!

5. A Festive Affair
The perfect combo to see you through the day!  Can’t just pick one tea? Well, this one is perfect for any tea lover.