Hey guys,

There have been big changes here in Wellington, as we sadly waved goodbye to our hairdressing home that was Loxy’s (Don’t worry, Kate and her gorgeous team are still in Auckland), we embarrassed a new journey with the amazing team at Z & Co Hair Boutique.

Still in the same gorgeous salon, with a few of the same friendly faces, we thought that we would quickly sit down with new Owner Zara to find out a little bit more about her journey.

On a side note, the team has created an event which is participating in NZAC Mental Health Awareness Week.

This Saturday, 13th October,  they will have a blow dry bar set up for you all, creating hairstyles to make you feel confident as well as helping us get the word out about the epidemic that is mental health and suicide.  They are taking bookings now,  and the cost is a donation of at least $10.

Check out their event below for more information:


E & J



Firstly tell us a little bit about yourself!

I have been a hairdresser for 11 years now,  I started when I was in 5th form at high school as a part-time job.   Hairdressing is my number 1 hobby and passion.   I love dogs and I am pretty sure they love me!  I love my family and are very close to them, even though they drive me nuts at times, they have always been my biggest supporters!  The most random fact about me would be that I am actually allergic to colour and have a sensitivity to a lot of products and foods.   I still find a way round to colour my hair though.


How did it all begin? What made you want to become a hairdresser?

It was interesting how it happened as I kind of fell into the industry.   I always had a passion for hair and loved styling all my friend’s hair but originally, I wanted to be a lawyer or an accountant, funny I know!   I was looking for an after-school job but was too young for the jobs most of my friends worked which was in a local supermarket. One of my teachers introduced me to her cousin, who owned a small local salon.   I ended up doing a two-week trial over the school holidays, to where the owner must have seen something in me as she then hired me to work part-time for her.


Z & Co was previously known as Loxy’s, how did you come up with the new name?

I found coming up with a business name very hard as Loxy’s is already a well-known name and brand.   I wanted the name to have a meaning for me personally and not be your typical generic hair salon name.   When I first started working at Loxy’s Wellington, one of my colleagues gave me the nickname Z which then stuck and after three years that’s just what all the team referred to me as.   Even though I wanted the salon to have my name in it, I wanted to make sure it was about the other staff as well, which is why I added the Co which made Z and Co complete.


What challenges have you found with re-branding the business?

The biggest challenges in terms of rebranding so far have been getting it out to the public that we are entirely new business separate from Loxy’s, with the bonus that we still offer the same services and Loxy’s hair extensions.   With the branding, I have tried to achieve a clean, simple look while being modern all at the same time.  I decided on not having a colour that is Z and Co in terms of the branding as I personally prefer black and white, hence the logo reflecting that.


Being a cruelty-free salon is something to really be proud of, what made you decide to do this?

Thank you, I am so happy that I was able to find products and brands that not only perform well but are cruelty-free, organic and vegan.  I think with all the development we see in science and technology nowadays that there is no need to be testing on animals.   There are a lot of hair products and colour ranges that do offer these options now which makes it a lot easier for a salon and business owner to make the decision to be cruelty-free.


Tell us about the products that you’re using in the salon?  How hard has it been to find good products that align with your values?

We use a few different brands throughout the salon to make sure we cater for everyone.
The colour range we have is Lakme, which is a young brand in the hairdressing world as it was developed in 1997.  It is a family business starting out in Spain.  What I love about this colour range is it’s cruelty-free, organic, free of nasty chemicals, sustainable and the colours help us create incredible work while letting our clients leave with healthy hair!  We stock all sorts of retail brands which are: Evo, Evo Fabuloso, Moroccan oil, Verb, Cloud Nine, Malibu C and of course Olapex.   Evo is the main retail range that we use and recommend for most people, including extension clients.   I personally love and use all the products, but I would say my favourite children are definitely Olaplex and Evo; which our clients seem to be loving as it flies off the shelf!


What is the most rewarding thing about running your own business?
I don’t think there is any one thing that is the most rewarding, as there are so many.  One at the top of my list would be when a client lets me know how much they have enjoyed their time at the salon with their service and a new look.

What is the most difficult/challenging thing about running your own business?

I have always been a workaholic,  so I’ve always struggled to not go the extra mile for a client or employer.   I have found that since owning a business it does bring that side of me out even more as there is no boss to tell me that I am being too extra haha.

What is the next step for Z and Co?  Where do you see the Salon in 5 years time?

At this moment I want to focus on getting the salon name out to the Wellington public and also New Zealand.   I have some future goals that I have in the works for the next two years, which I will hold onto for the meantime.   In 5 years’ time, my goal for the salon is to outgrow the space and have to expand and grow to a team of 10.


What is your favourite thing to do in your down time?

Since taking over and starting Z and Co, I actually haven’t managed to have a lot of downtime,  however I really enjoy spending time with friends and family no matter what it is.  My hobbies are definitely working out whether it’s in a gym or going for a nice walk and food! I love to cook and go out for brunch/dinner.

If you had to take three things to a desert island what would they be?

I feel like this is a trick question haha! If it’s three of anything then I would take my boyfriend, best friend, and water.   If it can only be objects then Water, sunscreen, and Olaplex.