Hey Guys,

As you would have seen on our blog and on our social media accounts, we’ve been a bit quiet lately.

To be honest we’ve both been struggling……..struggling to find a balance between our everyday lives and the lives that we lead as bloggers/influencers. 


We’re the first people to say that blogging and social media hasn’t been our top priority lately,  but between the two of us we’ve had changes and things happening in our personal lives that have made it difficult to find time to give to anyone, especially our followers, and at the same time we had forgotten to make time for ourselves, which is so important.

That along with the fact that things are just getting harder and harder in the social media world, we started asking ourselves why?  Why are we working our asses off doing this?  Why are we doing this when we feel like we’re chasing our tails? Why are we working so hard when others are just cheating the system to get ahead anyway?  Basically, we lost our Mojo and had cracked the sh*ts with social media.

I’m sure most of you would have seen a lot of posts recently from our fellow influencers about how difficult Instagram is making it to actually get your content seen.  Whilst we applaud Instagram for trying to cull all the fake accounts and get rid of the spam, its near on impossible for those of us in the 10k-50k follower bracket to gain momentum which is so frustrating and honestly makes us feel like we are wasting our time.   

However, the one thing that we go back to is the fact that we genuinely enjoy doing it.  Not for the money, the samples or the amazing events, we get to go to, but we both really enjoy the creative aspect of all of this, the photography,  the blog writing, meeting inspirational new people (online and in person).   We also take it right back to why we started the blog in the first place, to keep our friendship strong even though we live so far apart.  So that is why we continue to do this!

I think sometimes people don’t realise how much work goes into creating that pretty picture or writing a quick blog post.   What you don’t see is the frantic race each night after our day jobs to finish a blog post or the car that’s filled with clothing on the weekends because we’re trying to create more content, standing out in the rain to get a photo for a brand because it’s due the next day.   Winter also doesn’t help,  as soon as daylight savings ends we both throw our hands up and sigh because that’s the end of getting quick pics after work, it becomes a weekend only job which becomes even more difficult in regards to work-life balance as you try to cram everything into 48 hours.  For anyone that thinks blogging and social media is an easy ride, you couldn’t be more wrong.

We have so much admiration for our fellow bloggers/influencers who are in the same boat as us at the moment.  We all work hard to bring you amazing content and we all feel the pressure of finding that work/social media/life balance.  We’re lucky in the sense that there are two of us, so when one of us is down and out, the other is there to pick things up and just keep going.  We love blogging and social media way too much to just let it all go. We’ve also worked way too hard to just give up because its gotten tough.  One thing you should know about us is that we NEVER give up. 

Even though it has been a tough few months we’ve still been working away and can always see the positive. 

As you can see the website has had an upgrade YAY (Big thank you to Emma’s brother who has worked on this for us!),  we have wanted to do this for so long and finally got off our butts and did it.   

Like always we are also planning more trips together, Emz was here over her birthday weekend and with flights being so cheap across the Tasman we will definitely be seeing more of each other before the year is out! 

I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes right about now thinking that we have nothing to complain about, and you’re right!!  We both are very lucky to do what we do, and we do choose to have these extra stresses in our lives.    I suppose to close this out, life always throws curve balls at you and like we said, our unenthusiastic attitudes aren’t solely because of social media, we’ve both had a lot going on lately, throw in the cold weather and we’re like sad sloths BUT we have picked ourselves up and are ready to get firing again.


For those of you who are also finding it tough, whether it be life in general, starting a new venture, blogging etc etc don’t give up and remember that the best remedy really is to surround yourselves with those who care about you.  We think a huge reason for finally coming out of our slump is because we spent the weekend together recently.  It really is amazing how spending time with your favourite people can lift your spirits and make you feel like you can take on the world!

So onwards and upwards!  We’re so excited to have found our blogging mojo again.

Love always,
E & J