Australis have done it again and given us what we have been asking for, or what we didn’t realize we needed, but now can’t live without.

We’re talking about their customised palettes!


This is such a great idea, how many palettes does one girl need you may ask yourself from time to time when you look at your make up collection and see that you have 10 different eye shadow palettes, another 7 highlighting palettes, along with all of your different bronzers and blushes. 


Australis have made it so easy for us all!!!

We were so lucky and got to test out the entire range, which we love! You can now buy these cute blank palettes that come in Black, Metallic Magenta Pink and Leopard Print, you can then choose from 15 eyeshadow shades, 6 eyebrow powders, 8 matte contour powder shades, 6 matte cream contour shades, 3 highlighting shades, 2 brightening powder shades, 4 matte cream highlighting shades, 2 powdered bronzers and 4 powdered blushes all to create your own personalized eye and face palette from scratch! Did we mention it’s all magnetic so you can change your palette depending on your mood or occasion.
For us this is huge as it will free up so much space on our beauty counter and help stop the build-up of unused shades, why buy a palette that has 4 shades you don’t like when you can just go out and buy every colour that you love!! 

The pigmentation is great across the board, the powdered highlighters and powdered contour shades we preferred over the cream ones but that’s just our preference, the cream versions were still great!


Each shade costs between $4-$5, with the blank palettes themselves costing $10 which is super affordable. 


I think our favourite part has to be the convenience of being able to change up our makeup palettes whenever we want and not having to drag three different ones around with us everywhere to ensure we have everything we need. Let’s be honest, our daily make-up bags just aren’t big enough for that!

You can find all the shades and options here – Australis Custom Palette