Hey guys,

Today we are wishing ATOTC’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 2 years on and we’re still going strong!  To think that this was only ever meant to be something for the two of us to enjoy and now has morphed into this exciting, whirlwind of madness!

We spoke recently about what we were going to do in regards to a blog post to celebrate and wondered if we would do the same fluffy questions as last year……….but we decided no.

Things in the social media world have changed drastically in the last year.  It has been incredibly tough and we have been so devastated at times that we’ve wondered if we should even keep going.  So we wanted to bring you our completely honest, un-sugar coated thoughts on our journey over the past year.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

We still feel so incredibly blessed to be on the path that we are right now, we’ve had amazing opportunities, we’ve met some beautiful individuals and most of all we have been there to hold each other up when we just didn’t think it was possible to keep going.


With the changes in Instagram and its algorithm’s, this past year we have really struggled with growth in regards to followers.  We would take one step forward and two steps back.  To add to the frustration of our own account not going where we wanted it to, we had to sit by and watch other accounts sky rocket.  Our only comfort?  Seeing some of our absolute favourite bloggers voicing the same frustration as us! Little did we know that so many of these accounts are now using things called Bots or apps where you can pay to make people follow you.  We had no clue how any of this worked until we recently encountered someone using them to boost their followers. We actually sent them an email about this because they were spamming our account and we ended up being blocked by them. 

No matter how many followers they buy or bots they pay to spam peoples accounts, this will not get them anywhere long term.  These people will not engage with people’s accounts and will eventually drop off or have their accounts suspended.  We just hope that some brands actually bring in tighter restrictions in regards to stats you have to present when working with them.   


Now enough of the bad, lets talk about the good!

This last year we’ve tried to be more active in regards to being together more.  Emma has been able to attend quite a few events in Melbourne this year, including one of our favourites the Face Fashion runway show! We finally went on an overseas adventure together, cruising around New Caledonia which was absolutely stunning. We have met more amazing people this year both fellow bloggers and brands that we have worked with.


Copy of IMG_3221_Facetune_18.09.2017-22-25-22

Lastly, what do we hope for in the coming year? 
We hope that the Instagram Algorithms are corrected and that the hard working individuals out there actually get the credit that they deserve on their social media accounts. 

We hope that we can attend more events together (yay more trips to Melbourne/Wellington), lets be honest its just an excuse to get together without our other halves asking why we are going to Melbourne/Wellington AGAIN ha ha.  We want to travel more together so that we can bring you more overseas experiences, lastly we just want to bring you more amazing content and show you all the things we love!


Those of you who take the time out to read our blog posts every week and have followed us on our journey, we really want to thank you. We love what we do so much and without you, it wouldn’t be possible!

E & J