Happy Friday Eve everyone!!!

We wanted to share with you our favourite new accessory – Mighty Purse, firstly you all need one ASAP and it’s perfect timing to add one to your Christmas wish list!


If you have never heard of Mighty Purse before then you are in luck that you stumbled across our blog. Mighty Purse is essentially a purse that charges your phone! Now who doesn’t go out for the day and wish they had a portable charger? Well now you can have the gorgeous bag and the portable phone charger all in one, best part is its hidden inside your bag.


These bags are crafted from high quality leather and come in all shapes and sizes, Emma opted for a small handbag while I decided to get a tote bag which is completely reversible!! You’ll see here its a gorgeous tan colour but you can turn it inside out and its black!!! There are smaller clutches, wallets and shoulder bags too. All amazing, we had a hard time choosing which ones to get.

The charging pack is nicely tucked away in a little pouch within the bag, when your phone is running low on battery life, just pull the pack out and plug it into your phone. It comes with adapters so you can use it on Apple and Samsung phones. The charging pack when fully charged, will ensure you can charge your phone back to full battery.



We literally haven’t stopped wearing these bags and have genuinely used the charger, especially over the past weekend when we were out and about in Melbourne together taking photos and videos. It really is a must have for every tech addicted/fashionable person!

Check out their website to see what other gorgeous bags they have! – www.mighty-purse.com