Hi guy,

Well I (Emma) am officially back home from my holiday now and to say I have post holiday blues is an understatement.  I’m definitely ready to plan my next getaway already.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the happiest on earth, Disneyland!  I don’t think it matters how many times i visit this place, I never get tired of it. 

So here are my top 5 tips when visiting the park, and also my Vlog of what I got up to below.


  1. Buy your tickets in advance.  This will save you time at the park and means that you can just go straight to the front entrance with your paper tickets.
  2. Download the app.  The Disneyland app is a great thing to have on you when you’re at the park.  You can check the wait times on rides, check out your photos that you’ve had taken and also select fast passes.
  3. Purchase the Disney Maxpass as an add on to your ticket.  This gives you fast pass access to most of the big rides and you also can download your photos within the park for free!
  4. Head to the park early.  Especially in the warmer weather, its a smart idea to go to the park as early as possible so you don’t overheat, this will also give you the opportunity to jump on some rides before the wait times go up.  
  5. Get accommodation close the park.  I booked the Best Western directly opposite the park, which meant that when it got really hot at lunch time I could go back for a swim and then come back to the park later in the evening!