Hey guys,

So as most of you would know if you follow us on Instagram, I (Emma) am currently in the US on a family holiday.

Just like when either of us go on holiday, I still wanted to bring you along with me and to start things off I decided to bring you along for my day at Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of my favourite theme parks, behind Disneyland of course and so I absolutely love when I get to come here.

To go with my Vlog of the park, here are my top 5 tips when visiting this amazing theme park.

  1. Go VIP:  We decided a while ago to spend the extra money and try out their VIP tickets and boy is it worth it!  From the moment you walk through the doors you are taken care of by their wonderful staff.  The highlight for me is being able have a private tour of the back lots which includes current TV sets.
  2. Harry Potter World: This part of the park gets SO busy!  So my suggestion (if you don’t have VIP or Front of Line tickets) would be to head to these rides/shops first! Our guide was telling us a few weeks ago that the main ride had a wait time of 3-4 hours. CRAZY!
  3. Check online before you go to see whats happening at the park.  Depending on whats filming etc, could change things like the back lot tour.
  4. Getting to Universal Studios on the Metro is SO EASY!  If you’re staying near Hollywood Boulevard (like me) then it’s only one stop on the red line!
  5. There are so many awesome shows in the park so to make sure you don’t miss out, grab a map at the front of the park and find the timetables in advance!