Hey guys,

A couple weeks ago I was sent an awesome goodie box by Australis who have recently just launched their new K-Pop collection! Exclusive to Farmer’s stores in New Zealand, we were lucky enough to try out their new goodies. 

In the box was their mascara, liquid eyeliner, two lip tints, their illuminating cushion and three love heart tins with blush, contour and highlight powder in it.  You’ll have to excuse my lack of knowledge in the video as it was only after I filmed that I realised that this is the whole K-Pop collection.

Instead of just taking pictures of each item, I decided to do a video with my first thoughts on the makeup and also tried out all of the products on myself.  

Overall there was nothing that I absolutely wouldn’t use again and think that it’s a great set for someone that is looking for easy to use makeup.

My favourites were the blusher, mascara and the liquid eyeliner. 

E & J