As you probably know we live for Spring and Summer. Don’t get us wrong we love Winter fashion but warm weather sooths our soul.

To keep our spirits high, we like to continue to wear our Spring/Summer dresses all year round and we wanted to share with you our three main tips on how we do this!


This is the easiest tip for making any Spring/Summer dress warm. Simply add a gorgeous jacket! We like to mix it up with leather to fur and everything in between.



Winter Boots

As you all know we are obsessed with winter boots, especially thigh high boots. This is another great addition to any Spring/Summer dress. Helps keep your legs warm when you just want to keep wearing your favourite dress!


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We did a blog post on tights not too long ago and this really is our top tip, from your classic black tights to skin coloured that actually give you the illusion of a tan. Tights are amazing under all dresses!