Because we’re leaving to go on our amazing cruise this Saturday, we thought we would take you through some of our favourite beauty holiday essentials!

E & J


Tinted Moisturiser

Either sitting by the pool or heading to the beach, there’s no way that you want a face full of makeup!  But if you’re like us and just need a little something to keep you going then why not try the Balm Shelter!



Fake Tan

When you’re heading to the islands, there’s nothing better than feeling like you have a bit of a tan before you head off.   We’ve been trying out ECO Tan which is certified organic and has left our skin feeling beautiful!

IMG_2662_Facetune_03.09.2017-18_29_29 (2)

Mini Lip Stick

Who wants to carry around full tubes of lipstick?  Not us!  These super cute mini Meet Matte Lipsticks by the Balm are perfect to chuck in any beach bag!

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Hair Care Products

Specific to us, since we are going on an island getaway we are stocking up on all our favourite hair treatments and sprays. A few favourites of ours are from the amazing John Frieda range. We use them while at home too but these babies are going to save our hair after day long escapades in the ocean.


I suppose this should have been our top favourite, but we need all the moisturizes while out in the sun. We love to use the Bondi Sands everyday gradual tanning moisturizer. We love to be tanned but there is no way we can endure the upkeep while on holiday. Another amazing moisturizer we have been using lately is born again body hydrating tonic. It is so amazing and will be perfect for re-hydrating our skin after a few days at the beach!