I (Jane) was lucky enough to spend a morning with Philosophy Skincare a month or so back and learnt all about their brand and their products. We listened as the lovely Mary took us through the Philosophy journey, from the beginning in Phoenix Arizona, to the opening of new stores in New York. We have always loved this brand and we are so excited about the new products that are coming out.



Below I have listed a few of my must have products and whilst we did get testers of a few I can honestly say I have gone out and bought these again when I ran out. I am clearly hooked! (Click on the links to shop)

Purity Made Simple Face Cleanser
This is a life saver, so gentle on my skin but so effective. Since trying this during winter I was worried it would dry out my skin, because anything new I try in Winter seems to dry out my skin but this has been amazing!! So effective at removing all make-up and dirt, I now no longer have to double wash my face. Amazing and a time saver!


Renewed Hope in a Jar – Night
This night cream is perfection, for starters, who knew you needed a night cream but I can tell you now ladies YOU DO! One point that really stuck out from my morning with Philosophy was that by the time we get to around 2-3pm in the day our skin is done, its drained of all its energy and nutrients and it needs nourishment. Hence your hope in a jar steps in, it works wonders while you sleep and replenishes all of the lost nutrients from the day. Day creams just don’t have that same effect.


Microdelivery Vitamin C / Peptide Peel
Favourite alert!!! I’ve always been a bit worried when it comes to peels. My skin is so sensitive that I have never wanted to slather my face with anything too harsh for fear of completely ruining my skin and breaking out in a rash. This peel is perfection, not only does it smell amazing but it is so gently while still feeling like its doing something, and trust me it is!! You only need to use this once a week, I normally do this on a Sunday night to start the week fresh. So the bottles may seem small but they last!!


Take a deep breath Night Moisturiser
Ok another favourite alert, I was already addicted to the renewed hope in a jar night cream but this one takes the cake. I’ve popped it up on our instagram page and raved about it already but here I go again… it smells AMAZING, so refreshing and I love face creams that aren’t too thick so this is perfect for me, so light and perfect for some night time pampering. Also it re-takes its shape, no matter how much you smoosh it, stick ya finger in it or take a chunk out of it, simply close the lid and the next night its perfectly flat. My inner child loves this so much.


Brighten my Day essence
Again I am a huge fan of moisturisers and face creams that aren’t thick, I hate the feeling of having all this gunk on my face, no matter how amazing its supposed to be. This brighten my day essence is almost like a day oil but in a cream form. You only need two drops and it really does go far. It feels amazing and my skin felt so soft and hydrated,(remembering I was trying this in Winter and my skin dries out something shocking) no dry patches in sight!


All in all this is definitely a brand I will be continuing to use, I have had no issues with any of the range that I have tried and it really is just all round amazing, did I mention pricing is AMAZING!!! Compared to high end brands that promise the same effects, Philosophy is so reasonably priced!

If you’re looking to try something new I couldn’t recommend Philosophy enough!



*Product photo credit, Mecca & Adore Beauty