We will admit it, tights are our go-to in Winter. Not only do they cover up our pasty white legs (or left over fake tan) but they add a bit of extra warmth to any outfit.

We wanted to show you how we wear tights, you can literally wear them with any outfit. We got our hands on the new Scholl Light Legs compression tights, which feel amazing, so silky and soft and they also assist with alleviating the feeling of tired legs that you can get at the end of the day. We just love how great they make our legs look and feel!

How do you incorporate tights into your Winter wardrobes?

You can buy the Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights from your local chemist and supermarket. Links below to help you out!
Scholl Light Legs – Priceline AUD $ 18.70
Scholl Light Legs – Life Pharmacy  NZD $25.00

Tights under Jeans

This little trick is great in Winter, adds a bit of extra warmth and also gives the illusion of a subtle tan.


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Classic Tights and Skirt Combo

Black tights and a mini skirt is such a classic combo, you can wear any coloured skirt really, we just prefer a cute black mini. Paired with a jumper in Winter, this is sure to keep you cosy!


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Tights and Shorts

Tights underneath shorts will always be a favourite of ours, whether we are aiming for that preppy look so we choose black business shorts, or for a more relaxed look denim shorts. They all work and look amazing!


Tights and Dresses

Tights are a must when you’re working in winter, so matching some black beauties with that work or play dress is easy!  For a more summery look try some flesh coloured tights.

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