Lately we have been trying so hard to stick to our fitness routines, so far so good but in order to keep us motivated we find buying some new gym gear always helps!

Below we’ve listed our favourite spots to get the most amazing, supportive and comfy fitness apparel.

Low prices always get us and whilst the leggings can be a bit hit and miss, we love their sports bras and loose fitting tee’s, great for running or doing weight training.


Again, great prices and great quality. Target have added to their range of active wear lately and it just keeps getting better. We love the bright colours and its always so comfy!


Lorna Jane
This brand has always been a favourite of ours, some might say a tad pricey but you really are paying for quality. We purchased a pair of running tights that are our absolute favourite, this was about five years ago and they are still in perfect condition, maybe slightly faded but not by much. Cost per wear people!! If you are paying $90-$100 but they last 5-6 years BARGAIN!!


The Iconic
They really have everything, from sports shoes, clothing and even equipment like yoga mats. A bit perk of The Iconic is that you can get your purchases the next day and they also have after pay… quite dangerous really but they also have all our favourite brands like Nike, Adidas and Bonds


Another amazing online store, for more fashionable fitness apparel. Now we get that going to the gym doesn’t have to be stylish, but if it can be then why not? They have such amazing brands and break it down by the type of exercise you’re planning to do. Don’t even get us started on the sneakers!!