We have to be honest, since starting our blog and social media pages we feel as though our creative eye has gone into overdrive, we now don’t just see a fence outside someone’s home or a tree lined footpath, we see possible photo locations everywhere. Whether we realize it or not we are always looking for where we can have our next photo shoot.

Some of our favorite places we have literally stumbled across, quaint little streets or amazing walls covered in funky graffiti but we also do a lot of research. Surprisingly a lot of work goes in to finding new places for photos, we want them to look amazing without taking too much away from our outfits. We also have to be careful when standing in front of walls, fences, buildings etc., if we are wearing dark colours, then dark walls are out. If there is too much going on in the background again our photos just don’t turn out the way we want them to.


When coming up with outfit ideas for the week we are also contemplating where these photos will be taken. Each of us have suburbs or areas around our city’s where we frequent, luckily living in Melbourne and Wellington there is a lot of old architecture which adds to the feel of our photography. A few other favorite places that are easy to find are local attractions such as the botanical gardens, Parliament buildings, anything near the coastline, the only problem with these places are you either have to go on days where not many people are around or you have next to no chance at capturing that perfect shot without someone in the background looking at your strangely.

So next time you are admiring someones amazing photos on Instagram, Facebook or on their blog, remember that a lot of those photos will have been planned right down to which side of the fence, building or wall they are standing in front of.