A current trend that not everyone may be fond of is Velvet. We loved in back in the 90’s and was so happy to see its return, however, as you get older it can be more difficult to start wearing things you wore when you were 10. We have found the velvet trend has mixed reviews. Emma is really not a fan, whereas I love it!
This blog post is not only for me to try and convince Emz that its not that bad, but to also show all of you how you can incorporate velvet pieces into your wardrobe without feeling really unsure of yourself. Like any trend you can really make it your own, the easiest way to start if you really are on the fence, is to start with accessories like velvet bags.

If you love this tee and culotte set, head on over to our Instagram page where you can win it for yourself! If you don’t like the duo together, you can split it up like I have below!