As our cruise is fast approaching (Ok its in September but still, its already June!!!) we are trying to save our money so wanted to share with you a secret of ours when it comes to reinventing our wardrobe!

Lets be honest, everyone loves to buy new things so that we aren’t caught wearing the same outfit day in, day out. A quick and cheap way to do this is to create something with items you already have.

Today we will show you a quick tutorial on how to make your own distressed Jeans with an old pair you may have lying around.

What you will need:

Old pair of jeans
Sandpaper, a rough grain
Sharp Scissors or a Box cutter
Thick piece of Cardboard or block of wood
Tweezers (Optional)


Step One
Put your jeans on and mark exactly where you want to make the cuts, you can do this with a piece of chalk or with pins if you prefer. Do this while standing up, if you are sitting or slouching the cuts will end up either higher or lower than you anticipated. You might need someone to come and help you for this part.

Step Two
Lay your jeans flat and start distressing the areas you have marked with your sandpaper you want to do this until the denim starts to really thin out, or until you are satisfied.


Step Three
Place the wooden block or piece of cardboard inside your jeans behind the area you are going to start cutting, you don’t have to do this but it stops you from cutting through to the back of your jeans.


Step Four
Using your scissors or box cutter, start horizontally scraping the area where you want the rips to be. If you don’t want holes all the way through, scrape enough so that you start to see the white threads beneath the denim’s surface. Once you do, you can start using tweezers to fray the threads so you don’t make a full hole. If you want large rips so your skin shows then keep scrapping until you have cut all the threads.



If you want your jeans to look really worn, wash them a few times in hot water with a little bleach first to get that real vintage look.

If you are looking for the style of distressed denim with large cut outs around the knees you can cut these large hole freehand (Or draw them out with chalk) then sandpaper around the edges so that you get that old distressed look.