For those of you that follow us on Instagram you’ll know that Emma’s go to hair salon in Wellington is Loxy’s Hair Boutique.  

Recently we sat down with Loxy’s Queen Bee Kate Jarrett to find out a little  bit more about this hugely popular salon that has taken the Auckland and Wellington markets by storm.

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Loxy’s Hair Boutique

E & J

How did it all begin? Where did you get your idea/concept for Loxy’s? Why extensions?

Kate:  Haha I’d hate to pretend I actually planned for this as I didn’t!  Loxy’s is the beautiful and naturally occurring amazingness, of my love for hair extensions and passion for customer service.

The Loxy’s story goes, that me at age 19 had quite possibly the most horrendous hair extension experience ever!  They were clip ins that were unblended,  a bad colour match, and ridiculously obvious against my blunt short bob.  My boyfriend at the time (now husband) hated them so much that one day he surprised me by having a woman come to his house and give me a proper ‘weave’.   Side note- I have terribly fine and wispy natural hair that will not hold a style no matter how much product goes into it.

This is where my love affair began! Albeit a horrible method not suitable for my scalp, I remember beaming as I looked at myself in the mirror that day and every day after that.  I barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning so it’s funny that I remember this moment so well. I finally had the hair I’d always dreamed of and my confidence levels were forever changed.

I eventually found a method that I loved and was more suited to my fine hair. I eventually trained in this method (and tweaked it to be the way we do it today at Loxy’s) after hearing an ad on the radio for training, and thinking it’d be a fun thing to do on the weekends.  Loxy’s was never the goal or plan, but it was absolutely my fate.  

The name Loxy’s is really just a play on the word locks (hair) and the concept for the salon has been developed with the help of multiple incredible designers along the way.


What are your goals for Loxy’s?

Kate: My number one goal is that I want Loxy’s to continue to be run with a strong moral compass and good values. I never want us to ‘sell out’ and see dollar bills before we see our clients as real people.

Really my other goals are just to continue to be the best at what we do. To never compromise on quality or service. It may be a bit boring, but just continue to be rad and make our clients happy.

What is unique about Loxy’s?

Kate: The method we offer at Loxy’s is a unique extension method that involves no gluing or braiding.  Typically extension methods involve one of those two and they’re not very well suited to fine natural hair.  I’ve trained in multiple methods over the years and found none that are comparable to this micro weft system. I suppose in a nutshell, the unique offering is a holistic hair approach and being a conscious business.  Aside from our extension method, we use an ammonia free hair colour, Olaplex for hair health.  All of our products are also cruelty free and ethically sourced. We happily turn away clients if the results they want will cause unnecessary damage to their hair.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out what would it be?

Kate: Stay true to your values and don’t waver on them. Work your ass off but also create rules for yourself so that you don’t send yourself crazy! And plan for the business to be a huge success (ie put processes in place for growth so you don’t have to back track later!) And lastly, have amazingly supportive people around you who will support your passion.


What is your most memorable moment with Loxy’s so far?

Kate: This is a tricky one. So many! We have been lucky to have had lots of ‘famous people’ into the salon but ultimately they’re treated with the same respect as anyone else for us and no one ever gets too star struck. We’ve also been so fortunate to have been recognized for the work we do and the rad story that is Loxy’s, in lots of magazines etc. This stuff is incredible for sure!! But I’m not sure they make up my most memorable moments.  Mine may be a little more humble and cheesy hahaha!!

I have never forgotten and will never forget the moment that I stepped into my new purpose built studio at home and was able to switch on the lights.  Backtrack – in my first rent a cabin, I had to plug it into the house like a caravan. In the studio my husband built, it was connected to the house power mains. It was like this ‘lightbulb moment’ of holy shiz, look at this space, I don’t have to plug it into the house to get power!! Look at what I’ve created, this is insane!! I think that was the first moment that I realized something very special was brewing.

I remember the long crazy hours my husband and I spent fitting out each salon, the literal blood sweat and tears that have gone into this thing I now tend to take for granted each day. I vividly remember clients in that shack at home crying happy tears because they finally loved their hair so much.  These are the moments that ground me and bring me back to what it’s all about!

What is the most rewarding thing about running your own business?

Kate: Being in control of creating a really special place for both my clients and my staff.  I’ve had job after job that just wasn’t the right fit for me and I never felt appreciated or like what I was doing each day mattered. I like to think I’m creating a great workplace for my team to come to, and in turn be so happy that they give their all to our clients every day.


What do you wish you had known before you had started your business?

Kate: That things would grow the way they had. I wish I had set up better processes not just for the business administratively, but for myself to be the best, most clear headed business owner I can be. This would have set me up for better balance now and less potential for the burnout that I feel I live teetering on the edge of constantly!

What is the most difficult/challenging thing about running your own business?

Kate: The hours and being able to find/create balance. Especially since my daughter arrived. I generally feel like I can’t focus on work because I am thinking about her, and I can’t focus on her because I’m thinking about work. It’s hard to be totally present in one or the other. I work all hours of the night and day and it’s just not healthy for me or conducive to family life / sanity haha! I’m working on creating better habits but it’s also just part of the gig. Some days I fantasize about working for someone else and finishing at 5:30pm and leaving work at work, but of course in reality there is NOTHING I would rather be doing for work than this.

What are your thoughts on the increase of social media advertising, do you think it has a positive or negative impact on businesses?

Kate: When it comes to traditional posting on social media I’m obviously super into it and think they can be really positive for businesses to have a social media presence. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a business where you can accurately reflect what we do in a picture, a before and after shot. Social Media has 100% been the best tool to get Loxy’s to where it is today and it’s free (or it can be!) which has gotta be a good thing! In terms of paid advertising, as a business owner I’d rather do this than magazine advertising, as it’s measurable and people still make the decision as to whether or not to click. I don’t boost/sponsor posts as much anymore but I’m fortunate that we get a good amount of viewers organically too.



What is the next step for yourself and Loxy’s?  Where do you see yourself/Loxy’s in 5 years?

Kate: Good question! We have some super exciting things in the pipeline. I’d love to see the Loxy’s brand expanded in other ways that don’t require more staff and salons. For now though I’ll have to keep my plans under my hat hehe.

5 years oh gawdd! That’s a long way away. Hopefully Loxy’s will still be pumping the way it is now, I’ll be less chaotic and have a little less on my to do list to be able to focus on the stuff I love the most. The dream!

If you had to take three things to a desert island what would they be?

Kate: My husband because he’d build me a shed to sleep in, my daughter who’d supply us with endless good times and laughs, and a laptop to watch Netflix on to relax hahahah!!!