Blogging may sound glamorous and don’t get us wrong we absolutely love it and feel so lucky to attend amazing events and work with such talented people but some of the things we get up to would have you in fits, looking like stunned deer caught in the headlights when we are getting changed in the backseat of the car and people walk past looking at us like we are crazy, standing on anything that’s around us to get that perfect shot even if it means climbing walls or standing on chairs.


Even just standing in the middle of the street having our photo taken can still make us feel silly at times when people stop and stare and sometimes even ask what you’re doing and why you’re so dressed up… hey, what’s wrong with wearing a floor length cocktail dress out on street, outside some strangers gorgeously fenced home?

We thought we would take you along with us so that you can take a look behind the scenes of life on a photo shoot…. Well on our photoshoots, we’re so sure others are probably a lot more organized than us but no matter how hard we try we still end up hot, sweaty messes after not being able to take off an item of clothing due to trying soo hard to remove said item without wiping all of our make-up off or messing up our hair. Let’s also not forget the poor car, she gets a beating, if you saw it at the end of the day once hurricane Jane and Emma have torn through it…. Well let’s hope you just never see that.