With Emma arriving in Melbourne this weekend, we thought what better time then now to do a quick blog post on our top tips for packing up that suitcase for your next holiday adventure. Enjoy!

E & J


1)  Pack………then re-pack!

We have a horrible habit of getting so excited about our upcoming holiday that we tend to go a little crazy and over pack our suitcases.  So our first tip is simple, pack your suitcase then a few days later take a closer look at what you’ve packed and take anything out that you probably didn’t need after all.  Also remember that you’re likely going to do a spot of shopping while your away, so leave some space in your suitcase for that as well.

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2) Essential Items

In all the packing madness, you sometimes forget to pack those essential items, make sure they are in a place that you can find them quickly.  For us, we like to have a larger handbag for travelling so that we can keep everything in one place. A travel wallet is also the best idea for your passport and tickets.

Some of our essentials may include:
– Tickets & passport
– Phone & portable phone charger
– Book or Magazine

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3) Roll Don’t Fold

To maximize space in your suitcase a quick trick is to roll up your clothing tightly rather than folding it as you would if you were putting washing into a draw.  The tighter you roll them the more space you’ll have.  However, be careful that you don’t pack so much in that you go over your weight allowance. 

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4). Pre-Planning

We are all about lists, even when Emma comes to Melbourne we like to write lists about what we will be wearing. An itinerary of what you will be doing is your new best friend, you can then pack accordingly and make sure you have everything you will need for each day. Write a packing list a week or so before you leave, you can then keep adding to it every time you remember something.

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5).  Fill dead space

We need all the space we can get, so make sure you make the most of dead space, roll up socks, underwear and other small items and pop them inside your shoes or the inside of a hat. Just remember to again weigh your luggage, filling space is great but we always have those pesky weight restrictions in the back of our mind.

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