With the growth of social media, sayings and words such as “Outfit of the Day”, “Selfie” and “Flatlay” have become part of our daily vocabulary.
With that in mind we thought we would share with you a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up for mastering the art of the Flatlay photo.

1. Shoot your photo in Square, you can do this on your iphone by flicking it across to square. This ensures that its the perfect fit for Instagram and shows what it will in fact look like. If you’re using a DSLR camera like we often do, try taking the photo as close up as possible, making sure to include any key pieces you want to capture.


2. Choose a colour scheme, there is nothing wrong with a messy flat lay, we see amazing flat lays of people’s work spaces that have so many items scattered around but the colour scheme should always remain. It can become a bit too much if you throw too many different colours in the mix and it won’t look good to the human eye.

FullSizeRender (10)

3.  Pick a theme, Flay lays are supposed to tell a visual story so make sure it makes sense. Stick to items that fit together, if you’re showing your OOTD in flatlay form it might not be a great idea to throw in your packet of berries no matter how amazing they look, instead switch that out for a nice piece of jewelry.

4. Keep a box of props handy, things such as fake flowers (or real), magazines, pretty lipsticks/nail polishes etc come in handy when you need a few gap fillers.


5. Birds eye view, the amazing thing about a flatlay is that its taken from above, from your point of view so make sure you place your flatlay where you can easily stand above it. Yes we have used step ladders and stood on our bench counter tops just to get that birds eye view.


What things work for you? tag us in your flatlay masterpieces @ataleoftwocitys