This is a story about two fashion addicts who decided it would be a great idea for themselves and their bank accounts if for “Feb Fast” they imposed a month long shopping ban…. how hard could it be?

For the month of Feb we jotted down how this self-imposed shopping ban went.

Tuesday 31st January
Today we decided (nervously and slightly reluctantly) that it would be a great idea to impose a shopping ban for February. So far so good, apart from the urge to buy everything we set our sights on because hey, it hasn’t started yet. We just need to keep thinking, our bank accounts will thank us for this and we will have more travel money! Lets see how long that mantra saves us from breaking our pact.

Wednesday 1st February
The Fast has officially begun, so far, so good. We have caught ourselves online shopping only once and that was simply to check and see how much this absolutely amazing blouse cost. Crisp white, and the sleeves WELL they were these gorgeous over the top bell sleeves, perfect for blog photos, imagine it with a cute pair of skinny jeans and strappy heels… ok we will stop. It’s ok to look and maybe even add to cart, we just can’t get the bank card out and pay.

Day 1, no shopping took place.

Thursday 2nd February
This morning, on our ride into work, we found ourselves skimming through our usual morning retail emails automatically.  Luckily for us, a lot of the SALE SALE SALE type emails have stopped after the Christmas/New Year rush.    

Below is a wee excerpt from our “Confessions of Shopaholics”

While sitting working away at our desks we received THAT email……. 70% OFF- LAST CHANCE!!!!
Thinking innocently, a little peek at what’s on sale won’t hurt? WRONG,  Emma spots the pair of shoes that she’s been eyeing up and they are on sale for $17.99!  Luckily she had enough willpower to text Jane about it first, who strongly reminded her that, hello it’s only day 2!!!!

*Email Deleted*

Day 2, no shopping took place.

Day 2 cont… not going well… Jane has now seen a pair of shoes she MUST have… sent a screenshot to Emma and got told that in no uncertain terms is she allowed to purchase the shoes. Jane confessed she has searched for the shoes and can’t find them so won’t buy.
Scoreboard – Jane & Emma – 2  Shoes – 0!!!!

Friday 3rd February
Today was a good day, after having a rough time yesterday

Day 3, no shopping took place.

Saturday 4th February

Note to self, when you see a bag that you fall in love with, don’t try to find it online just to check the pricing because if you see that is 50% off you will have a freak out and almost hit buy now. For all of you not on a shopping ban, and also this link is for us come March 1st – Michael Kors Sloan Bag, Plum Velvet

Day 4, no shopping took place.

Sunday 5th February

I believe we have now taken to staying indoors and ignoring all sale emails/shopping websites and not clicking on links via Instagram.

Still holding out… just… barely… will we make it?!?!?!?!

Monday 6th February

May have gone slightly insane over the weekend, we apologize, however, we are yet to purchase anything so we are pretty proud of ourselves.

Day 6, Still no Shopping!

Tuesday 7th February

Found out that Saylor and Sage were having a massive shoe sale, Senso & Mode Collective. Emma has told Jane to get a grip.

No shopping took place

Wednesday 8th February

We are prepping for our Fashion Friday blog, searching for amazing items is not a great idea for a fashion addict its downright cruel, its like giving an alcoholic a drink to sniff, don’t drink… just sniff.

Week one complete…. S*%!! three more to go!!!

Just seen that Priceline is having a 60% off fragrances sale *sigh*

Thursday 9th February

Today has been hard, for some reason our favourite stores are tormenting us again with sale spam- rude I know!  But we’ve managed to ignore these dangling carrots once again.

We had to complete our Fashion Friday blog today.  Emma had to leave the sites immediately due to severe withdrawal anxiety.

Day 9-  We are still clean.

Friday 10th February

Feeling like we have control today, no incidents to report.

Saturday 11th February

Unsure how we get ourselves into these situations but we both ended up at a shopping mall today. Lets just say it wasn’t pretty. Firstly can we just get it out there that nothing, we repeat nothing was purchased but our souls paid for it.
We have since made a pact that we are not to step foot in a mall again until the 1st March, its just way too hard and far too tempting. Did you know that Glassons have amazing metallic skirts at the moment!! NEED WANT NOW!!!

Sunday 12th February

Today was uneventful, after yesterdays painful experience we tried to stay away from shopping websites and didn’t venture to any shopping malls.

Monday 13th February

Another good day of not looking online, scrolling through instagram every day is another struggle altogether as we see so many amazing things we just want to check to see how much they are or where to buy them. Lets just say we have saved a lot of photos for the 1st March.

Tuesday 14th February

It’s Valentines Day and we can’t even buy ourselves any treats. We have been inundated this morning with Valentines Day Sales, to be honest didn’t even know it was a thing but we love it!! 50% off here… 30% off there… nothing for Emma and Jane, such a loveless Valentines Day (please note, we are joking, not about how hard not buying sale items is, but we aren’t really that materialistic)

Wednesday 15th February

Week two complete!!! Less than two weeks to go… OMG WILL THIS NEVER END!!!!!

Thursday 16th February

No shopping took place

Friday 17th February

No shopping took place

Saturday 18th February

Today is the day that I, Jane,  fell apart, with only 10days left, I caved. Perhaps this blog post will now be named “How Emma survived a shopping ban”. I tried so hard I really did, but this top at H&M was calling my name and then I just couldn’t stop. I have realized I have a shopping problem but I’m ok with that. We started a fashion blog so that we could share with all of you our love of fashion and shopping, so really I felt rude stopping that for a month.

Sunday 19th February

Emma still hasn’t bought anything, although I, Jane, received a text message from her “OMG misguided has 40% off everything” I am now telling her to buy things because I’m evil like that.

Monday 20th February

8 days to go!!!

Tuesday 21st February

7 Days to go… for Emz

Wednesday 22nd February

Ever since I (Jane) caved in on the weekend I have gone on a shopping spree… see this whole stopping what I love thing doesn’t work well for me or my bank account. It will be interesting to see if Emma goes crazy come the 1st March.
So today I purchased my Tony Bianco Diddy boots, yup a bit slow on this but I have been eyeing them up for months and finally grabbed them. I also placed and order with Shein, so excited for that to arrive!!

Although I (Emma) have not caved in yet, today has been a hard one!  There’s a sale on at Decjuba and my work colleagues have gone to scout it out.  I’m going to have to cover my ears and eyes from hearing and seeing any purchases made.

I am counting down the days……………..COUNTING DOWN….. 6 days to go. 

Thursday 23rd February

Well………with just 5 days to go…….I (Emma) cracked.   I’ve been really sick the last couple of days, which has meant that I’ve been moping around feeling sorry for myself, not that it’s really an excuse but I’m clutching at straws here.

I had no intention of falling off the wagon, but when your work mates walk in with gorgeous new Decjuba tops that they bought on sale for $20, I knew it was all over for me.

Friday 24th February

We think this has now really turned into confessions of a shopaholic. Today I (Jane) purchased these really cute shoes from Boohoo along with a gorgeous two piece set. Can’t wait for them to arrive so I can show you!!!
Maybe we won’t buy anything this weekend perhaps…. no promises.

Saturday 25th / Sunday 26th February

Surprisingly nothing was purchased this weekend!

Monday 27th February

Tony Bianco boots arrived today and I (Jane) am in love!! Definitely please I caved in when I did and purchased these babies. My soul is happy. Now just waiting on my two other orders hehe. Emma is planning what to buy for her trip to Melbourne in two weeks, so safe to say neither of us are sad that we didn’t make it till the 1st March.

Tuesday 28th February

Well today would have been the last day of our shopping ban, but we’ve been shopping and loved every second of it. We have both decided that we will never try this again and we would rather give up chocolate, lollies or literally anything else other than shopping. It was fun to try, ok who are we kidding it wasn’t fun at all, but at least now we know our limits and not shopping is something we just can’t do but we’re ok with that.

If any of you try a month without shopping please keep us in the loop, we would love to see how you go, or if you have done it before did you make it through?



*Main Pic C/O Pinterest