Happy Birthday to us!!

What an amazing year it has been, and what a year of firsts! 
A year ago today we finally decided to get off our butts and do something we have always wanted to do, which has now turned into an amazing adventure.
Already we have met so many amazing people and been able to do so much, we love sharing with you, all of the things and places we love, we really do want to thank you for coming along on our journey, your support and encouragement has been overwhelming and we wouldn’t be where we are today without all of your kind words!


A few things we have found surprising…

1. It’s actually a lot of hard work to create a blog/social media presence that you are proud of. Both of us have full time jobs so a lot of our weekends are spent working on projects, while its so much fun and we would never complain it is hard work!

2. Everyone we have met so far, other like mind bloggers and influencers, are absolutely lovely, in an industry which is very competitive we have meet only lovely, creative, gorgeous people!

3. We love photography!! We have always been the two people in our group of friends who are well known for always taking photos at social gatherings, but its so fun to think of creative ways to take photos of things, Kmart chopping boards are honestly a godsend for flat lays and food photography.

4. We take our hat’s off to the bloggers that are doing an amazing job on their own.  We truly couldn’t do what we do without each other’s support and guidance.  It’s been such a busy year for both of us and it’s amazing to be able to turn to each other and just say “I’m out for the next week, you take the lead”.


We’ve  listed a few of our favourite blog posts from the past year, if you have only recently followed us we hope you enjoy going back and seeing what we did earlier this year.

Our very first post about an instagram store we loved and who has followed us from the very beginning. Now August & Co, make sure you check the lovely Rachel out!

Monday Must have – 2016 Diary/Planner

Another favourite would have to be our first collaboration with a large brand and that know and love – Michael Hill. This was so much fun and they were great to work with.

Simply Silver – Michael Hill Jeweller

We’ve also been to a few events, the opening of H&M was definitely a stand out!

H&M – Grand Opening

As some of you don’t truly know us, we really are crazy and fun-loving people, which our social media photos don’t always show as they are picked from a cast of thousands to find the perfect photo. Here are a few that didn’t make the cut but we kept because they are hilarious and tell their own story. When we’re together there are always a million laughs, stupid incidents and general blondeness to put it bluntly, by no means are we stupid but my god do we have severe derp face in photos sometimes.


Yes we get sick of taking photos and this happens….



Again bored…. but no physical contact was made… just really good timing.

We also have the cutest photo bombers sometimes


Occasionally we get hurt while on a shoot…. Jane generally laughs while Emz cringes in pain.


Then we just have no words for some photos that get taken



We forget important equipment like the camera tripod, its then a mad dash before the lighting turns to crap and we can no longer take photos, this gem taken by Emz who made me (Jane) run back to the car to grab it… perhaps I’m praying to the sunlight gods to sick around for a bit longer so we can get the perfect shot.


There are also times when we don’t have the luxury of a photographer so self-time is our best friend…. or in this case perhaps not.


Here’s to another fabulous year!!