Next on our Christmas gift idea list is the new Dafni Hair Straightener. This was amazing!!

For people who know me, my hair is normally dead straight and I don’t have to do too much, I can feel you all rolling your eyes asking why I would need a straightener. When I go to bed with wet hair, because lets be honest sometimes I just have not mentally prepared myself to dry my hair, I wake up with fluffy, messy, definitely not straight hair.


For this review I curled my hair beforehand to see if it really would work and it did!

It’s so easy to use, just like a normal straightener you turn it on and wait for the light to go green so you know its ready to use (Make sure you hair is dry)


Then you simply just brush, it really is that easy! I found it easier when I held my hair tight at the ends and brushed as this seemed to speed up the straightening process and my hair reached right into the bristles. Make sure you brush in slow strokes.


As you can see it really does work, and took barely any time and your hair is also brushed! Two birds one stone!


The Dafni has a unique 3D ceramic surface design which allows you to straighten your hair in minutes by simply brushing.


Click the links below to shop, you really should add this to the top of your Christmas wish list.

Dafni Hair Straightener – Australia

Dafni Hair Straightener – New Zealand