With Christmas just around the corner, over the next few weeks we will be sharing a few gift ideas with you. Hopefully this will help you find amazing gifts for loved ones, or even add a few gifts to your own wish list.

This week I trialled the new Remington I-Light Pro, Face & Body IPL which was perfect timing with summer just around the corner.


Having used an epilator before, I will be honest I was a bit scared to try this machine. I know they are completely different techniques but I have always associated hair removal with pain. I got used to the Epilator on my legs but after one painful attempt at my armpits (yes there was blood) I never tried it again.

The I-Light however was absolutely pain free which had me jumping for joy!!


The machine itself is quite small and compact so easy to store, it was so easy to use, just turn it on, place your arm on the Skin tone sensor to help determine if your skin tone is acceptable for use, when you hear the beep it gives you the go ahead to start. (If it buzzes it means your skin type is not suitable, however it buzzed for me twice and then beeped so just make sure you skin is right on the sensor)

The I-Light pro is not recommended for people with dark skin or very fair hair. Unfortunately for me I have extremely fair hair so was unable to use it on my arms but trialed it on my parts of my legs, underarms and bikini line and it worked really well.

The system has five Energy Levels which allows you to select the level that is most comfortable for you. I tried it on all levels and experienced no pain or irritation and I have quite fair skin.


It is electrically powered so there is no downtime for recharging which means its good to go at a moments notice. It also comes with a specialized facial attachment for those more delicate areas.

Clinically proven to reduce hair growth in as little as three treatments, I will definitely continue to use the I-Light Pro!


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Remington i-light pro – Australia 

Remington i-light pro – New Zealand