If you are anything like us you love having perfectly manicured hands, but like so many, we are a bit lazy and prefer to go to our local salon or just slap on a simple colour that normally lasts a week until it chips.

So when we spotted Jamberry nail wraps we thought we would give them a go and they are awesome!! There are so many different styles to choose from but recently Jamberry nails partnered with Australia’s very own Maria Vlezko, Founder and creative director of “So Nailicious” and created the French Twist Collection which is what we decided to try.

The French Twist Collection is a modern take on the classic look, with four designs to choose from – Geo French Twist, Mint French Twist, Mod French Twist and Suave French Twist, there’s something for everyone’s colour pallet.

At first we thought this might be above our skill level, as you need to match the wrap to each of your nails, cut and secure it without sticking it on crooked or leaving any air bubbles, this brought back awful memories of bad attempts at putting duraseal on our school books which made us shudder in fear.

HOWEVER, it was surprisingly easy and we managed to do both hands first pop without any massive hiccups. What really helped was the fact that once the Jamberry wraps go on, you can in fact carefully remove them and put them back on in case you do make a mistake.

It’s as easy as, finding a wrap that best fits your nail and cutting the strip in half. You then place the wrap in front of the mini heater (a hairdryer also works exactly the same) for no more than 3-4 seconds.

Place the wrap on your nail and press down so that it sticks firmly. Place your nail in front of the mini heater so that it seals.

You can then cut the excess wrap away from your nail and file the rest off so it leaves a smooth edge. TOP TIP: file downwards as this removes the wrap a lot easier. We made the mistake of filing like normal and part of the wrap came off so we had to start again.

If you find any bubbles or feel its not completely stuck down you can place your nail infront of the heat again and continue to press it down until you’re completely satisfied.

Overall, it was really easy and fun. The best thing is you can go and do whatever you want straight afterwards and not have to wait for your nails to dry!!


You can purchase the French Twist Collection from Jamberry NZ and Jamberry AU