We have been caught one too many times in a beauty predicament while out and about so we now carry our very own Emergency Beauty Kit that easily fits in our bags. These can be as small or large as you like depending on the size of your handbag. They come in handy when going from work to dinner or when a last minute event pops up. So much easier than carrying around an overflowing, chunky make-up bag. Lets be honest here, our make-up bag is now the same size if not larger than our handbag so super impractical to take everywhere!

Key tip, find all your favourite beauty products in travel size. These days everything comes in a cute compact size making it so much easier to carry around.

Below we have put together a helpful guide to creating the ultimate Emergency Beauty Kit. Click on the bold links to shop our favourites


Hair ties
How many times have you asked your friend if they have a spare hair tie, this is the first must have as it not only keeps your hair out of your face but also helps keeps sleeves up when they keep falling down and ruining the look of your outfit.

Band aids
Always keep a few of these on hand, you never know when you will need them to bandage up a blister or a cut.

Instead of carrying around a large bottle of Foundation, we pack our concealer for touch-ups. You can re-apply hiding any imperfections and dark circles under your eyes this will help keep your make-up looking fresh.

Blotting Paper
By the end of the day to avoid any shine, carry blotting paper with you to remove excess oil and keep your make-up looking great. These won’t ruin your make-up or clog your pores.

Scholl Gel Activ Inserts
These are a must have for every emergency beauty kit, we use these in all of our favourite heels and swear by them. There is nothing worse than going to an event after work and the shoes that started off comfy, turn into evil shoes from hell. Having these on hand to insert into your shoes will mean no painful walking around, looking like a clumsy newborn foal or having to sit down all night. They are like cushions of air that stop that horrible ache on the balls of your feet.


lipstick/lip gloss
This is normally in our handbags anyways, but its always good to carry around a great lipstick or lip-gloss to reapply during the day. Its amazing how a bright pop of lipstick can take your make-up from day to night.

Clear Nail Polish
Clear nail polish is magic! From simply using it to put a clear gloss over your nails if you forgot to paint them to fixing broken nails and stopping your tights from laddering even more, you need this in your bag at all times!

Nail File
One of the most annoying things is breaking a nail, I know it sounds girly but its bloody frustrating. Then you have to deal with a rough uneven nail that catches on everything. Not anymore, if your emergency beauty kit is equip with a handy nail file.

Emergency Beauty Kits are like first aid kits, so you need some form or headache/pain relief. Nothing has us cancelling appointments and declining events quicker than a headache, so having painkillers on hand is important.

Dry Shampoo
There are a million reasons why you need this in your beauty bag, we’re not going to lie, our hair is sometimes made up of 80% dry shampoo, it not only stops your hair from looking greasy but leaves it smelling amazing!! You also get the added benefit of having more time between washes which is so good for your hair, to bask in its natural oils… we just don’t want to the rest of the world to see those oils!!


Are there any other emergency beauty items you have to carry on you at all times?