As you may have already guessed, we LOVE planners and diary’s! One of the things that our friends and family make fun of us about is our extreme planning, when anyone comes to visit we have daily itinerary’s down pact, travel overseas… the men in our lives know not to worry as we will have activities planned down to the hour….(much to their dislike). So as you can imagine when December/January  rolls around and all of these beautiful planners come out we are SO EXCITED! So as promised here is our favourite pick for 2016.

Now buying planners online can be difficult, most of us like to look inside to make sure it’s exactly what we need for the New Year, below are some helpful pictures and a more in-depth review of the amazing Elliot and Charlie Pearl Planner.

IMG_0004   Bag Retouched

The Planners are hard cover which makes it a lot more sturdy than others, you can easily throw it in your bag without damaging it. The Pearl Planner comes in either Black and White or Yellow and White Stripes, there is gorgeous metal detailing on the corners and a coil spine which makes turning pages a breeze.

IMG_0023  IMG_0071

Each month starts with a full two page calendar for easy viewing, it is then a page per day layout.
The thing we love about the Melbourne designed planners is the beautiful daily layout, this consists of a section for your appointments, occasions etc. but it also has sections for Daily Priorities, to-do lists, notes and something we think sets it apart from all the rest – a small section for you to write your happy thoughts each day and every Sunday there is a section “Preparation for Monday” (every planners dream!!)

It has ample writing space and the added touch of a daily inspirational quote along the top. 

IMG_0018  IMG_0007


So other than being the perfect planner/diary, we also can’t forget that 10% of all profits are donated to Destiny rescue which is an amazing cause!
Get out there guys and support your local businesses and go check out Elliot and Charlie Co,